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What is Dhatri therapy and how is it different to massage?

ancient art of dhatri therapy

Dhatri Pneumatherapy is a full body prana treatment that not only energizes and aligns chakra energies, but also unblocks, tones and repair the 12 dhamani (meridians), the abdominal and feet hara zones, the head, face and neck energy fields.

Dhatri spiritual energy healing therapy angkor wat siem reap

Healing Meditation

The intent of Massage is to stimulate and manipulate muscles for physiological results.

The intent of Dhatri is to unblock the flow of spiritual energy, particularly at those junctions where soul and body energy integrate–for soul maintenance results.

Touch Therapy. Dhatri is a full-body touch therapy. Hands move over the entire body, touching the skin. Clients wear a thong.

When humans touch, souls meet and energy is exchanged. Dhatri is a holy moment. It happens in meditative states both for the therapist and client.

Apana is the removalof unwanted energy. Sometimes old energy, old memories, old baggage cause blockages in the soul body at particular marma points. Dhatri is not only about infusing your being with amazingly powerful prana energy but also about flushing out, removing old, used, unwanted energy that should not be there. 

Dhatri Healing

  • Only looks like massage but is much, much more than that
  • Feels like your angel is stroking your soul
  • Starts at the tip of the toes and runs all the way through everything
  • Manipulates kundalini to feed all the soul-body-mind connections
  • Opens the crown chakra to keep Source energy flowing through you for about an hour. It is the closest you get to samadhi without being enlightened.
  • Opens Ajna (third eye) chakra and connects you to your angel/guide for the time of the therapy
  • Opens Muladhara (root) chakra and grounds you to ensure the energies flow through, cleaning, invigorating, repairing
Who is Dhatri for?

Dhatri is specialised.

If we have a recent energy diagnosis on file, you can do Dhatri only.

Budget 2 hours for Dhatri 

Typically, Dhatri is combined with an energy diagnostic that informs therapist and client of what needs to be accomplished.

Budget up to 4 hours for the combination


Dhatri Therapy &
Spiritual Energy Diagnosis