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Siem Reap, Cambodia

Spiritual Energy Wellness Center in Cambodia

Spiritual energy diagnosis

Pranamayati healing session to energize the chakras always follows the diagnosis.

pneumapath diagnostic technique spiritual energy diagnosis

We are energy. 

We are soul energy, integrating with the energy of our biological bodies and mind.

A full diagnosis takes cognizance of hundreds of elements and relations and takes takes 2 to 3 hours.

dhamani, dosha, chakras, marma, hara abdomen, yinyang, nadis, hara of the feet, and more...

Twenty+ Page Report

Your personal, professional Pneumatherapy diagnostic report is Free.


Benefit by learning how your energies integrate

Spiritual path

What is the link between your path, your health and happiness

pneumapath diagnostic technique spiritual energy diagnosis


Learn if something is under stress and about to start bothering you in the future.

Get direction

Learn, if necessary, any diet or lifestyle changes that will benefit or heal.

soul maintenance

This body, soul and mind maintenance is basic due diligence.


Pneumatherapy works with Prana, which is the Spiritual Energy, also called Universal Energy, running through the sub-atomic matter of all creation. Prana is not part of the earthly electromagnetic spectrum and cannot be recorded by three-dimensional world tools.  Prana, however can be sensed by souls, can be directed by another spirit. We use our Anahata (heart) and Ajna (Third Eye) to sense the presence of the Divine in all things – we connect with Spiritual Guides and Angels, allowing us to receive Prana and communication from them.


We maintain our physical body and mind because we want to be happy and healthy. We often forget that our body and mind are simply on a temporary loan to us.  We are, in fact, ancient spiritual beings, made of spiritual energy and spiritual senses and awareness. So, to maintain our true self is the responsible thing to do. Mental and/or physical problems often negatively impact our spiritual health because the spirit is working overtime, sometimes for years, trying to maintain the soul and the physical.


Pneumatherapists use several techniques to sense chakra and aura energies:

  • Trace the Dhamani
  • Assess Yin-Yang energies
  • Hara of abdomen and feet
  • Tongue, nails and urine
  • Determine Ayurvedic constitution
  • Check each chakra (seven soul minds)  carefully to determine its character, challenges and the way that its energies integrates with the nadi system of energy channels.
  • Check the aura (the outer field of your soul body) to determine its character and if there are areas where help or improvement is needed. 
  • Put it all together for you, explain what needs to be known right now and guidance on the way forward. 
  • Create your personal report.

Results are discussed with both pneumatherapists and your observations to determine what gives rise to energy disturbances in areas of concern.  This provides a comprehensive picture of the status of the spirit/soul body and its energies. Appropriate therapeutic approaches are considered and explained.

Followed by an extensive report of 10+ pages, emailed to you 1 weeks after your appointment, sooner if time allows.

due diligence, soul, body and mind maintenance

Modern lifestyles are so very negative for our souls. We simply have to take care–our happiness, health and future karma depend on it.


  • 60 – 90 minutes
  • Report 20+ pages to follow

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