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What is Karma, and will knowing my Karma help me to follow my soul path?

Know Your KarmaTM is a unique service available only from Wayist centers and licensed Pneumatherapists

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Developed over a decade, Know Your KarmaTM results are astoundingly accurate and helpful.
For most people, Know Your Karma provides pieces in the puzzle of life, to complete the picture.

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It takes only about 2 hours for a full Know Your Karma session.
This is our most popular service!
We can do only about 3 Know Your KarmaTM sessions per day. Book in advance to avoid disappointment.

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Pneumatherapists are passionate about the utility and helpfulness of Know Your KarmaTM as a an additional diagnostic tool.
With Know Your Karma, we feel that clients are more empowered to make meaningful changes.

Manage your Karma- don't be a victim, take charge


People from more than 120 countries have participated in the Know Your KarmaTM service. We continue to refine the model as we go along.

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Informed by the Chakras -- Your Soul Personality and her path is revealed.

In this Chakra-Karma Guidance, we use the unique Soul-Chakra Personality Assessment TM developed by spirituality author and teacher, Jean du Plessis, to determine which of your chakra minds play a dominant role in your soul personality, and if required, which spiritual therapies you may want to consider.

With this therapeutic regimen, an analysis of your soul personality can help you to get to know your karma: The main reason why you incarnated in this lifetime, and what the main lessons you came to learn are.

You can also discover what the future may hold in terms of soul learning, and what the next major lessons on your path would be.

Your chakra energies are tested and the condition of your aura analyzed. You receive guidance in this regard to plan your future.

Learn more about the condition of your soul: What was the soul’s path up to now, and the major challenges that lie ahead on the way forward. Guided by Certified Soul-Chakra Personality AssessmentTM counselors.

You receive a 20+ page PDF version of the graphic analysis and conclusions by email.

Included in the ‘Know your Karma’ is a Chakra Prana Energizing (the foundation of Reiki) session. We clear energy channels: dhamani (meridians), nadis and sushumna, and unblock chakras. We try our utmost to get to the root problems why your spiritual energy may not optimal. There is great physical, mental (emotional) and spiritual benefits in this SOUL MAINTENANCE program. Just as you take care of your physical body, you MUST maintain your soul body.

Don’t neglect your Self.


Karma is a Law of Supernature that affects the soul. Karma is NOT a punishment/reward system as the business of religions wants you to believe.

As with Gravity, which is a law of physics, or nature, it is a force enacted on things simply because it is there, it is The Way, it just happens.

The business of religion sells “salvation from karma”, but in reality that is not at all possible.

Karma will bring learning opportunities / lessons to us when we don’t learn the lessons of life by ourselves, or when we shirk our responsibilities as students of life. Then, our paths become more complicated as we struggle to know the Way.

Nevertheless, we remain free to choose whatever course of action we will take. We are free to remain aware of learning opportunities in life, and we can decide whether or not to partake in them. If we decide to not take the paths offered to us by Karma, it really does not matter to our salvation from samsara (enlightenment), because all that happens is we will take longer to graduate from the school of life as humans. All that happens is we continue here in many lifetimes of struggle to know our path, untill one day we get it, and start the journey Home.

If you really want to know your karmic path, what lies ahead, the Know Your Karma session can help.

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O the Word of God, the vibration that proceeds from the Source


In ancient Wayist spirituality, the 7 chakras are spiritual energy centers, or rather soul and spirit minds located in our metaphysical bodies. Chakras channel Prana (Universal Energy) both in and out of our soul minds and spiritual minds.past life and soul path reading jean du plessis Each chakra communicates at a different spectrum of energy frequencies.

Chakras have ancient memories which form the personality of the soul. Chakras carry the sum of wisdom gathered over the soul’s ancient lifespan.

Captured in our four soul-minds (4 lower chakras) is the essence of who we are as individuals. We are the culmination of many lifetimes of experiences. The three spirit-minds (3 higher chakras) are the essence of our wisdom, and the spirit-mind chakras develop to a point where they start to dominate the soul-mind and soul chakras.


If you are sincere in your search, we can know your past life and soul path, your dharma and your duty for this life.

Is it possible that you are unhappy because you are not following your soul path?

What do you know about your soul mate, future soul mate, or your spiritual helper beings (angels)?

A Know Your Karma session with a certified and licensed Pneumatherapist can help reveal these spiritual secrets to you–and from there, it is really all up to you to decide what you will do about your dharma and your karma.

Mystic masters and angels reveal what our souls think and our karmic path

DON’T Deny yourself this OPPORTUNITY.