Wayist Spiritual Energy Wellness Center

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Spiritual Energy Wellness Center in Cambodia


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Our story

Wayist Spiritual Energy Centers are approved and licensed to operate by International Association of Wayist Organizations, a Canadian spiritual non-profit corporation. 

Any Wayist Spiritual Energy Center must employ Pneumatherapists duly certified and licensed by the IAP (International Association of Pneumatherapy). 

Our center is located in Siem Reap, Cambodia and is fully compliant and in good standing with both governing bodies.

Our center, known as Wayist Spiritual Energy Center — Angkor Wat, is a busy clinic popular with interns worldwide earning credits toward certification and licensing requirements.  


Pneumatherapists have to complete several hundred hours of internship under supervision before they are licensed to work on their own. Our center in Siem Reap is a favourite training center because we are very busy, and we have a wide range of cases from all over the world..

Wayist centers follow the healing regime captured in the popular yet ancient philosophy of Wayism.

Wayism is a non-proselytizing spiritual movement. You will find Wayists in Buddhism, Christianity, Daoism and Hinduism. 

Pneumatherapy is the ancient healing art of working with soul and spirit energies. Internationally, IAP is the international self-governing body of Pneumatherapists. IAP maintains standards and creates state-of-the-art diagnostic and monitoring tools used by Pneumatherapists worldwide.



a person's spirituality is the most unique aspect of the individual.

In a Wayist Center for spiritual energy wellness you will see icons of Jesus Christ, Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, Buddha Amitabha, Gautama Buddha, Lao Tzi and PrajnaParamita, among other. 

We work with Prana Energy from the Source. Every pneumatherapist is deeply spiritual, not often religious, and we keep our personal affiliations to ourselves. Because we know all to be One, we can easily work with whomever spiritual being tat accompanies you, and pray for the assistance of whatever name a client may wish to use, should the client wish to use a name. In short, the pneumatherapist simply does not make her intimate spiritual notions the business of anyone else. 

We are healers, we are not in the business of religion.

It is true that we work with our heads in the great mysticism of the spiritual clouds, but we are just ordinary humans who are passionate about things. 



Adele is a certified pneumatherapist with decades of healing and counseling experience. Adele holds degrees in spirituality and world religions.

Jean du Plessis pneumapath author


Jean is a certified and licensed pneumapath and pneumatherapy teacher. He is a known author of books on Wayist spirituality. Jean holds degrees in world religions and spirituality.


Steffi is a certified pneumatherapist with decades of counseling and social work experience. Steffi holds degrees in social work and counselling.

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